Friday, November 14, 2014

Great Gasby-esque!

I love this outfit! It's such a confidence boost to put in a fabulous outfit and feel like you can conquer anything that comes your way. I celebrate being a woman and I love classy silhouettes. A pencil skirt and a sweater are great classic pieces that never go out of style. When you find good pieces that you look and feel good in, stuck with them and just change up your accessories! You will always look fabulous! I was complimented multiple times on my outfit today at work and a couple people said I looked like I should be on The "Great Gatsby" or "Mad Men." I love classic style and think that being happy in what your wearing is one of the best feelings.  It can really change how you view things. Extras, such as I have done, add personality to your outfit. I've added two pearl necklaces, a leopard scarf and a big belt. The different sized pearls add a unique touch and definately draw the eye. 

sweater, $6.95 at H&M
skirt, Charlotte Russe $10
bag, Ross Dress for Less $22
heels, Forever 21
bow clips,
leopard scarf, 
big pearl necklace,
pearl strand necklace, Body Central earrings, Forever 21
belt, old 

Have a Fabulous Evening!

Emily :) 

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