Sunday, July 31, 2016

Classic Leopard & Black

I've been so busy lately, but finding time to post this fabulous look. I've worn this skirt several times and shown it on here, but it remains one of my favorites. It is so comfortable and leopard never goes out of style. It's perfect for work and anything else! I have paired it with a black sleeveless turtleneck, which have quickly begun being one of my favorite summer tops. 

I have a secret, up until just a couple years ago, I used to be really self conscious about my arms, always wearing sleeveless tops and dresses to a minimum. I have always been really strong and have a lot of muscle in my arms. I never liked accentuating it. Now, I've gotten several compliments on how great my arms look and questions on how I get them so toned. Honestly, I'm not a workout person. I've never like going to the gym. My figure just happens to be related to my genes mostly. I've gotten over that fear. 

Everyone has something they are self conscious about. Really, I've come to realize life is too short for insecurities. I challenge you to wear something a little out of your comfort zone and rock that item you feel you can't pull off! You will look and feel fabulous! 

bag, Kate Spade, TjMaxx
skirt, Forever 21
top, TjMaxx
necklace, Clothes Mentor
bracelet, J. Crew
earrings, Charming Charlie 
ring, Charlotte Russe

Have a fabulous evening! 
Thank you for stopping by! 

Emily :) 

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