Sunday, January 10, 2016

Surviving Life in Your Twenties

If you are anything like me, your twenties have brought you stress, uneasiness, excitement, fear, happiness and sadness and a lot of other emotions. You probably have even have thought, "My Twenties Weren't Supposed to be Like This!"

You may be feeling stuck in your career or still trying to pursue one, in a relationship you are unsure of or wondering if you will ever have one, or it may just be frustration of a lot of things in life in this confusing decade. You might feel like "everyone else" is moving on and you aren't. Everyone has a different path in life and just because yours isn't like "everyone else's" right now, doesn't mean it's not great. 

I'm still getting through my twenties, so I am in no way an expert yet on how to survive them, but these books have been great resources along the way. They don't have to be read straight through either. You can skip around to the chapters that interest you at a specific time. All of these books are available off of Amazon. I have them linked below. 

It's a Wonderful Lie by Emily Franklin, Here
The Go-Girl Guide by Julia Bourland, Here
Leave Your Mark by Eliza Licht, Here
20 Something 20 Everything by Christine Hassle, Here
Enjoy reading! Thanks for stopping by!
Emily :)

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