Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oversized Pearls & Hot Pink

I definitely have a lot of pearls, but lately I was looking for a big, chunky Pearl cluster necklace. I found this one on There's just something about oversized creamy pearls that just makes me happy! When it comes to accessories, I love anything oversized that really makes a statement. More is definitely more in my book.

This skirt I purchased over the summer and is one of my favorites starting with its color of course, but it's also one of the most comfortable pencil skirts I own. This bag was a limited edition Target find several years ago and it still remains one of my favorites. Mixing older pieces with newer pieces can give you a whole new look and make you feel like you're wearing a new outfit. Jewelry can totally transform an outfit and make it feel completely different and new! 

skirt, Windsor, sold out
long sleeved tee, Target 
houndstooth bag, Target, sold out Click here for similar
pearl cluster necklace, Click here
heels, Charles Jordan,, Click here

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Emily :)

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