Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Instagram "Perfect" Life

I'm taking a moment today to get a little personal and share some of my thoughts.  I've always been a person who keeps a lot of my thoughts inside so I'm being a little more transparent today. That being said, I'll get right to it. We all don't live an Instagram perfect life.  Many of us only choose to show the fabulous parts and hide the tough times we really go through.  We move the clutter off of the table, so that we can take a visually interesting photo.  Our viewers won't see the messes in our lives, they only see the perfectly displayed things in our photos. We all do it! We posts things such as our new clothes, shoes, or the vacation we just went on.  We get so excited about the likes that our photos will receive that it makes us forget about the not so "perfect" things going on in our lives.  This brings me to my next point.

We all go through tough times in life, that's just life I guess.  As a twenty-something myself, I have gone through my share of rough times and I'm definitely still going through them. I have times when I break down and get anxious and stressed. The twenties are really a hard time. I have come to learn that things don't always go as planned.  Think back to your fifteen year old self.  You probably had visions of where you would be in your life at the very age you are now.  Maybe it's not exactly where you thought you would be.  Maybe you are a twenty-something still living at home with your parents, maybe you are plagued with mounds of student loans, maybe you are feeling pressure at a job you just tolerate to pay the bills, maybe you are feeling lost and are trying to find your place in this world,  maybe you are feeling like you are never going to find "the one" and are going to be alone forever, maybe you're in a relationship and you are not sure where it is going, maybe you are having trouble accepting that you are not in the same place as "everyone else" is who are the same age as you, or maybe you are just having a tough time accepting yourself and don't feel like you are good enough or worth it.  You might relate to one of these things, or maybe even all of them. 

The truth is, we all go through life at different speeds. There is no one "right" way to do life. We all deal with different circumstances in life that we can't always control. My point of today's post is to simply remind you twenty-somethings, even thirty-somethings, or anyone who is simply feeling this way, that you are not alone.  Sometimes the people you think have it all together, really don't. Instead of worrying about impressing people, we need to live for ourselves and find happiness. Comparison really is the thief of joy.  Just because someone posts a seemingly perfect photo, doesn't mean their life is perfect and yours is not. Even if you are stuck in rough patch or some say "Quarter-Life Crisis," know that there are other twenty-something's feeling the same way, me being one of them. These are some quotes that I have found helpful and I hope you do as well! 

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