Friday, October 17, 2014

Sparkles Galore!

Ok let's just say, this necklace is absolutely stunning! It's definately going to be a staple in my jewelry collection. It is so true that a little sparkly something can really brighten your day. I feel that way about jewelry. There's something about it that, when I get a new piece it just makes me feel so good! Jewelry can really make your outfit and give it that wow factor! 

blouse, Loft from Clothes Mentor 
skirt, Forever 21
necklace, Purple Peridot 
crystal bracelet, Brina Box
black and clear crystal bracelet, Charming Charlie 
earrings, Forever 21 
heels, Forever 21
bow show clips, 
tote, Target 

Have a Fabulous Evening! 

Emily :) 

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